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The Network is committed in working closely with the DOH and hospital teams to reduce critical care Health Care Associated Infections (HCAIs), which impact upon patient length of stay, associated care costs and outcomes.
The High Impact Interventions (HII) are simple evidence based tools which are at the heart of the Saving Lives programme. They reinforce the practical actions that clinical staff need to undertake every time, to significantly reduce HCAIs. Further information and guidance can be found on the website below that explains the purpose, method and approach trusts can use with these, in order to improve the reliability of the clinical process.


The High Impact Interventions

1. Central venous catheter care

2. Peripheral intravenous cannula care

3. Renal dialysis catheter care

4. Prevention of surgical site infection

5. Care for ventilated patients (or tracheostomies where appropriate)

6. Urinary catheter care
7. Reducing the risk of Clostridium Difficile 

8. Cleaning and decontamination of clinical equipment
*Further information related to the HIIs can be located on the web link above.

The Saving Lives Programme 


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